Sunday, June 15, 2014

Because I Couldn't Say It Then

Most Father's Days are fine for me. I'm far on the other side of the lonely river, crossed many years ago when I removed myself from an abusive home and family life. By the grace of God, with loving support from good friends, family, and exceptional counselors, I emerged from a pit of unexpressed sorrow and pain resulting from childhood trauma.

But every now and then I hear the voice of a small child, the child I once was. When this happens, I listen. Sometimes I share what I hear. Today is one of those days. And if, for whatever reason, you have a sad child inside you too, then this is for you.

When I was five and
didn't have words
to say what was happening
didn't know how to spell
help me
I'm scared I might die tonight

didn't know how to write
my daddy hurts me

on the outside of
a clapboard house
with number two pencil
I wrote the only thing
I knew how to spell


©Melody Newey 2014


Stacy said...

This touched my heart today. So beautiful, and desperately sad. You have always been an inspiration to me. Thank you for your honesty.

Megan said...

The girl, the woman behind MELODY has a voice. It is a strong, poetic, smart voice. I'm so glad you write, and that you are the woman you have become,

Emma J said...

Oh. Wow. I haven't been by in too long. So powerful. Amazingly. Sing it, sister!

Grammy T. said...