Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Rubber Bands & Windmills

When I was a child my muscles tensed
then sprang like new rubber bands.
I won ribbons in the fifty and hundred-yard dash.
In fourth grade they called me Spider Legs–
long, lean, sprouting new hair, I moved
like lightening across playgrounds.

Today my limbs feel tired, worn out;
fifty-year-old thighs are dimpled,
yet hungry for blue ribbons, asphalt, kickball.
I miss that familiar stretch to first base
when I was a windmill of arms and legs,
the softball, a tornado touching down in my glove.

.Melody Newey © 2014


Julie DeMille said...

You know how an old rubber band gets all dry and when you stretch it, it doesn't snap back? Yep. That's me.

Melody said...

I here you, Julie. I do.

Megan said...

The last two lines are perfect. Just perfect.