Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Month of Devotions: Water

Day 12. Meditation. Water.

My grand children and I walked along the river trail near Bridal Veil Falls the other day. They tossed leaves into the outlet stream alongside the trail below the falls. We watched the leaves weave through rocks, swirl around eddies and eventually make their way to the opening of an aluminum pipe that went under the trail and emptied into Provo River on the other side.

We talked about how the leaves follow the water. A few moments later as we continued our walk, my grand daughter spontaneously began singing "Follow the water, follow the water, follow the water, it knows the way. . ." to the tune of an LDS primary song. She was right. I love her for this. And for a million other things.

We follow the water out of the womb. We follow the Living Water to where its source would have us go. We are made of water. Water flows in us and through us.

We are baptized, redeemed, washed clean by water. I love this imagery. I love that water and the Savior are connected in our religious texts and in our unconscious mind. God is good.

John 7:37

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Julie DeMille said...

I was always attracted to water. In high school in southern Idaho, my favorite place was the river. I could sit for hours just watching the water flow. You have made the connection to why I felt that way so well. Thank you.