Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Woman Needs a Pair of Leather Gloves

I'm pretty sure my mother had them at one time during my childhood. I know they were far more popular in her era. For some reason, I think women who live or work in New York City or Paris all have a pair. I could be entirely wrong about that, but when I slip my hands into these lovelies I feel like I should live or work in New York or Paris . . . or Provo or American Fork, where the winter demands them.
Each one fits its given hand . . . well, like a glove. And if you know leather (which I'm sure you do) then you know what happens to those soft, supple icons of form and function as they slide over fingers, then curl around knuckles time and again. They become yours. Seriously, look at them now, resting on the steering wheel of my car. They are no longer two-dimensional as they were in the store, their perfect, flat cardboard hand shape held in place by a flat cardboard hand shape. No, they look like they could take hold of that wheel and drive to most any destination with no assistance whatsoever from their owner. Gives "hands-free" a whole new meaning.

Truth is, they don't look so glamorous here, but they never lose that characteristic leather sheen as they tighten around my fist. I adore them for that. I adore them even more for the warmth of the perfectly thin, perfectly soft felt lining that has preserved and protected these almost-fifty-year-old hands for the past two years. I put them on this morning when I made a quick trip around the block to a friend's house. When I walked in the door she said, "Oh, no! Gloves? That means cold and I don't like cold." Well, as it turns out, neither do my hands. That's why I have leather gloves. And because if I need to pop the hood or take out the garbage or do a quick turn with the shovel on a winter morning before I leave for work, I can do it in style. Thank you Ralph Lauren. Thank you even more T.J.Maxx

Oh, and London. I bet they wear them in London.

P.S. For more on leather, see guest post below. (Not really about leather, but for some reason, black leather made me think of Angelina Jolie.)


suzanne said...

I have an apple green pair that's heaven.
TJMaxx rocks.

Brenda said...

I have a dark chocolate pair.. I have had since senior year(high school)they still have that unique leather smell and they still wrap my hands like a custom hug.

Geo said...

I fell in serious love with leather gloves when I was a child. My mom had a pair, and I grew up thinking they were perfectly romantic, and so very elegant. When I had my first serious job, managing a perfume store, I saved up and bought myself a pair of long black leather gloves, and oh, what they did to me. I understand the draw. I need a pair now.

Ann said...

Memo to self: get the gloves.

Thanks for inspiring.